Sesame Street old school. Volume 1

Format: CD
Published: [Port Washington, NY] : Sesame Street, [2010]
Physical Description: 3 audio discs : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
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028 0 2 |a E1E-CD-4783  |b Sesame Street 
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099 0 |a Children  |a Ses 
245 0 0 |a Sesame Street old school.  |n Volume 1  |h [sound recording]. 
246 3 |a Old school 
264 1 |a [Port Washington, NY] :  |b Sesame Street,  |c [2010] 
264 4 |c Â2010 
300 |a 3 audio discs :  |b digital ;  |c 4 3/4 in. 
336 |a performed music  |b prm  |2 rdacontent 
337 |a audio  |b s  |2 rdamedia 
338 |a audio disc  |b sd  |2 rdacarrier 
500 |a Three classic early Sesame Street albums for the first time on CD. 
500 |a Compact discs. 
505 0 0 |g The Sesame Street record.  |t Sesame Street  |r (The Company) --  |t ABC-DEF-GHI  |r (Big Bird) --  |t I've got two  |r (Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch) --  |t Goin' for a ride  |r (Anything People) --  |t What are kids called  |r (Bob and Susan) --  |t Everybody wash  |r (Ernie and Bert) --  |t One of these things  |r (Bob and Susan) --  |t Up and down  |r (Two Monsters (aka Cookie Monster and Herry Monster)) --  |t Green  |r (Kermit the Frog) --  |t Somebody come and play  |r (The Kids) --  |t I love trash  |r (Oscar the Grouch) --  |g A  |t face  |r (Bob) --  |t J-jump  |r (The Kids) --  |t People in your neighborhood  |r (Bob and The Anything People) --  |t Rub your tummy  |r (Gordon) --  |t Number 5  |r (The Kids) --  |t Five people in my family  |r (Anything People) --  |t Nearly missed  |r (Susan) --  |t Rubber duckie  |r (Ernie) --  |g Big Bird sings!  |t AB-C-DEF-GHI  |r (Big Bird) --  |g A  |t really good feeling  |r (Big Bird)  |g The  |t noodle song  |r (Big Bird and Oscar) --  |g The  |t "J" poem ;  |t Very, very special letter  |r (Big Bird) --  |t Big Bird writes a poem  |r (Big Bird, Snuffelupagus and Herbert Birdsfoot) --  |t How do I know I'm here  |r (Big Bird) --  |t Everyone like ice cream  |r (Big Bird, Three Friends and Monster) --  |t Y'all fall down  |r (Big Bird, Bert and Cookie Monster) --  |t Everyone makes mistakes  |r (Big Bird and Farley) --  |g The  |t sound of the letter A  |r (Big Bird) --  |t Just three colors  |r (Big Bird and Oscar) --  |t Ha ha  |r (Big Bird, Harvey Kneeslapper and Herry) --  |t No matter what your language  |r (Big Bird and Luis) --  |t Big Bird's poem  |r (Big Bird) --  |g Bert & Ernie sing-along.  |t I refuse to sing along  |r (Bert and Ernie) --  |t I've been working on the railroad  |r (Ernie, Gordon, Susan and the Company) --  |t Old MacDonald had a farm  |r (Bob, Luis, Maria, David and the Company) --  |g A  |t really good feeling  |r (Big Bird) --  |t Bats in my belfry  |r (The Count) --  |t Row, row, row your boat  |r (Grover, Herry Monster and Cookie Monster) --  |t I'll give you a song  |r (Oscar the Grouch) --  |t Oscar don't allow  |r (David, Big Bird, Ernie Luis and the Company) --  |g The  |t Limerick song (come on and sing along with me)  |r (Susan, Bob, the Count, Ernie, Bert, and the Company) --  |t On top of Old Smokey  |r (Grover and the Company) --  |t Living hand in hand  |r (Gordon and Susan) --  |t What's the name of that song?  |r (Luis, Bob, Susan, Gordon, Maria, Ernie, David, Bert and Big Bird) --  |g A  |t very simple dance  |r (David and the Company) --  |t Morningtown ride  |r (Bob) --  |t Everyone likes ice cream  |r (Susan, David, Prairie Dawn, Bob, Ernie and Grover) --  |t C is for cookie  |r (Cookie Monster and the Company) --  |t Peanuts  |r (Luis, Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Big Bird, and the Company) --  |t John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith  |r (The Company) --  |t She'll be coming 'round the mountain  |r (Maria, Susan, Gordon, David and the Company) --  |t Finale: What's the name of the song? (reprise)  |r (The Company) --  |t Sing  |r (Bert and The Company). 
511 0 |a Matt Robinson, Loretta Long, Bob McGrath, Will Lee, Northern Calloway, Emilio Delgado, Sonia Manzano, Roscoe Orman and Hal Miller ; muppet voices by Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Carroll Spinney, Jerry Nelson, and Fran Brill ; with "the kids from Sesame Street." 
650 0 |a Children's songs. 
655 7 |a Television music.  |2 lcgft 
690 4 |a Compact disc, Juvenile 
730 0 |a Sesame Street (Television program) 
740 0 2 |a Sesame Street record 
740 0 2 |a Big Bird sings! 
740 0 2 |a Bert & Ernie sing-along. 
994 |a C0  |b GRR 
949 |a Children Ses  |i 32020022072789  |k i  |l fjcd  |m lf  |t jcd 
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